List Of Top Brand New Bingo Sites For 2023 And How To Guide

The latest bingo sites are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission as of November 2015. Until last year, licenses were issued by various licensing bodies in foreign jurisdictions such as Malta, Antigua and Barbuda, the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, and Alderney, all of which included in a special white list of approved jurisdictions. Continuation licenses were then issued to providers that were licensed in foreign jurisdictions. The best new bingo sites are now licensed in the UK to offer online games and keep trading.


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Best New Bingo Website of the Year

It is hard to pinpoint the best new website of the year, and there are promising networks and providers out there, but make sure you deal with a trusted provider. Today it is more difficult to obtain a license in the UK because of the cost involved and consumption tax. This may sound like bad news for newcomers in the field but it is certainly not for bingo players. This is because newcomers work harder to compete for customers when it comes to promos and package deals, customer support, gaming experience, and entertainment value.

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Sites No Deposit Required and Card Details

bingo man moneyThere are many websites that offer free games and bonuses with no deposit required. You don’t have to give your card details to join in as well. This means that new customers get attractive bonuses and rewards without having to make a deposit or provide financial information. However, there are some changes taking place because of consumption tax. Until recently most websites used to have free rooms for new and regular players. Some sites required a deposit while others advertised free games and other deals. Because of consumption tax, this is a costly endeavor for many sites now and some providers offer free rooms and tickets as part of multiple level tournaments whereby free tickets are available for the first game only. Players are free to purchase more tickets for as low as 10p each. While there are great brand new bingo sites out there, bingo rooms now require that players make a deposit. The good news for players is that a large deposit means a higher chance for winning lucrative prizes. Some websites have already restricted access to free rooms which are now reserved for new players and regular players who make a deposit. There are also providers that have a minimum spend requirement for the last week (seven days). Thus free bingo is usually offered to regular players and depositors and not to everyone.

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Sites with Fluffy Favourites

fluffy favourites bingo sitesSome of the latest bingo sites feature Fluffy Favourites such as Ladies 888 Bingo (including its mobile version), and others. Many websites feature Fluffy Favorites for mobile devices and tablets, including Wink Bingo, and others. Fluffy Favourites is a popular game that many players enjoy, and major gaming providers offer it to attract new customers. They also feature attractive bonuses, i.e. £20 – £60 in deposit bonuses to save you cash. There are also incentives such as bonus and loyalty points, welcome bonuses, and other amenities. Promos and lucrative rewards schemes are offered by different providers as well. Welcome packages are also a great feature to attract new players, and there are different rewards schemes to look into. For example, some websites offer a 500 percent bonus the first time, 350 the second time, and 300 the third time. Rewards and loyalty schemes really depend on the provider, and it is a good idea to comparison shop to find good deals. Some sites only offer welcome bonuses while others feature the full array of promos and added incentives, from cash back and cash incentives to impressive prizes and gifts. Just make sure bonuses are available for players to claim immediately. Obviously, you are looking for websites that offer real money prizes and other incentives but you can try demos as well. Some sites require a deposit but slots will cost you just a penny each which will save you a lot of money. When it comes to cash back, incentives vary largely from one provider to another. Some websites offer up to 20 percent in cash back while others offer just 5 – 8 percent. There are also sites that offer free tickets and daily plays taking place in the newbie room. While the deposit may vary from £10 to £40, players also benefit from regular promotions and hot specials and other deals. Penny bingo is also a great perk to look into. There are many websites that offer Fluffy Favorites as well as gift prizes, including designer gear, cash incentives, and even vehicles. Some of the best new bingo sites also offer percentage bonuses on previous month losses which is a great feature to consider. Finally, there are websites that offer free tickets and spins instead of bonuses because they benefit from a more favorable tax treatment.

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Sites with Free Bonus

There are many websites with free bonuses, including giants such as Wink Bingo, and many others. Wink Bingo, for example, offers a 500 percent deposit bonus once you register and you are ready to play. If you deposit £5, for instance, then you have £30 to play, which is a great bonus for a newbie player. And if you deposit £10, this means you have £60 in total, saving you money on tickets. Players in the newbie room not only play for free but have the chance to win up to £500. Regular players have the chance to win huge prizes of £10,000 – £50,000, along with plenty of added benefits such as weekly deals and freebies. Some new bingo sites also offer free bonuses but there are just a few of them because of taxation rules, as mentioned. Another issue is that the rate of taxation for online bingo is relatively higher compared to land based halls. Thanks to special concessions, land based halls now pay just 10 percent in taxes.

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Guide about How to Find the Best New Bingo Site

how to find best new bingo site guideObviously, this depends on the types of rewards schemes, prizes, and other incentives you are looking for but one of the most important factors to look into is whether the provider emphasizes responsible gambling practices. With all new bingo sites, make sure that you deal with a legitimate and reputable provider that offers a secure and safe gaming environment for regular and new players alike. There are mini networks and giants in the gaming industry, offering plenty of add-ons and incentives for a great gaming experience. Again, comparison shopping helps as many sites offer exclusive bingo rooms, no deposit offers, monthly rewards under great loyalty schemes, and other incentives to play bingo. In fact, many websites advertise non-stop bingo as an added incentive to play more and keep customers happy. If you have a busy work schedule, many business trips, and are constantly on the go, you may want to install a handy app and play bingo on your tablet, mobile phone, or another device. Some of the best new bingo sites also offer this option to increase their customer base and beat the competition. These apps are quire handy because they allow players to make a deposit, register as a new member from their mobile devices, choose from different games, and play. You can also use your phone or tablet to claim your welcome bonus and other prizes. The best part is that mobile gaming also allows you to make withdrawals by using the withdrawal option on your account balance. Your personal and other details will show exactly the same as on the provider’s website. You can also use your existing login details to check your balance and take advantage of all features available. Whether you wait for the plane or bus or are on a holiday overseas, this is a great option to consider.

As a rule, there are several factors to consider before you choose a site – ease of withdrawals and deposits, promotions, and safety features. Other factors to take into account include chat games, chat rooms, and other social features, prize pools, contests, and the types of games on offer. Obviously, getting the most out of a game also means finding attractive bonuses, and many sites offer bonus treats to out-do the competition. If you are a new player, you will be entitled to claim a welcome bonus or welcome package. It also pays to learn more about the bingo industry and different providers, both land based halls and web-based providers. Just remember that strategic thinking doesn’t play much of a role when it comes to playing bingo. Most of the time what players rely on is pure luck and chance. And what you do is play and hope for the best. In terms of strategy, what you can do is shop around for promotional deals and codes to save money.