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888 Ladies Bingo Review

888 ladies review

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888 Ladies Bingo offers a host of fun games and exclusive opportunities to loyal and new players for unforgettable gaming experience. New players enjoy generous welcome offers for a limited time and generous welcome bonuses on first deposits. You get a £50 bonus for depositing just £10, and there is free bingo during the 3-day promo period. You can also play games in the Newbies Room if you are new to gaming. You will find it in the Celebration tab and are free to choose from a total of 10 bingo games to play for free. There are 2 £28-prizes for 2 games and £30-cash prizes for 8 games. The Newbies Room is open from midday to 10pm every day.

M88 Ladies Bingo Promotions

888 ladies bingo promotions

You have the chance to play free bingo after you make a deposit. The Daily Free Bingo room offers players 75 ball bingo, with 10 games in total between 7pm and 9pm on a daily basis. A deposit made during the last 7 days is the only entry requirement. Players also enjoy regular extra bonuses and 50 percent bonuses on future deposits, and there are more ways to win cash prizes. Free bingo rooms are also available for regular customers and loyal players to keep them happy and satisfied. If you are a regular player, you may also want to visit the Bonus Surprise and Uptown Girl Rooms to win even more prizes. The Team Bingo Event, Frisky £50 games, Daily £88 Jackpots, and Big Daily Jackpots are added incentives to join and play.

  • £2,000 Summer of Fun is offered to mobile users only. Tablet and mobile users are offered the opportunity to play special games on Sunday and Thursday for a limited period (until 16th August). Special prize draws are organized, and players have the chance to win various prizes, from £100 leisure vouchers to cinema tickets and the Merlin Family Pass. You can play from 8pm on Sunday to 9pm on Thursday.
  • ‘Race for Life’ Pink Army is a special event sponsored by 888Ladies Bingo to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.

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Games offered at M88 Ladies Bingo

  • Casino games
  • Slots
  • 75 ball bingo
  • 90 ball bingo
  • Scratchcards

888 Ladies for Tablet and Mobile Users

888ladies mobile bingo

Tablet and mobile users can choose from a large selection of games compatible with smartphones, iPhone, and iPad. There is a handy mobile app that allows you to play bingo from any location. The app is designed in such a way as to resemble a desktop game, and the main benefit for players is portability. There is a range of slot game and bingo options to choose from, which can be played from your mobile phone. Players are offered the chance to play big for big wins, and there is always something new for you to try. The Slot and Filthy Rich are popular games to play using the mobile app offered by 888ladies. There is plenty of choice when it comes to mobile games – the mobile version offers something for everyone. The app comes with many convenient features and allows you to log in, play, and withdraw and deposit funds pretty much like the website does. New players who use the mobile app to sign up enjoy a generous welcome deposit bonus (£40). You can download the 888ladies app from the App Store to join in and start playing.

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Wagering Requirement and Withdrawal

  • Wagering: 2x bonus and deposit
  • Processing time: up to 7 days
  • Minimum withdrawal amount: £10

The wagering requirement is valid for bingo games and based on the amount of the deposit made. There are different wagering requirements for the different games on offer. You will be asked to make a minimum deposit of £20 to make a withdrawal. Players are asked to provide a copy of their card, photo ID, as well as proof of address.

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888 Ladies Bingo strives to offer a friendly, secure, quality environment to play bingo and have tons of fun. In addition to the warm welcome for new players, there is plenty on offer, from lucrative rewards to a great promotion section and different options to play, whether during your lunch break, rainy boring days, or on vacation or holiday overseas. The promotion section features a selection of hot promos and specials, loyalty points and freebies, and a lot more. The loyalty scheme has different VIP levels, sapphire, ruby, and diamond. The diamond level offers plenty to loyal customers, including extra re-deposit bonuses, deposit and VIP introductory bonuses, and a lot more. Players are also offered access to various luxury VIP, red carpet, and other special events. Loyal customers also benefit from special birthday bonuses and a host of other add-ons such as cash surprises, nice gifts, spot prizes, and more. Just check the weekly schedule to find out what they have on offer.

888 Ladies Bingo takes pride in offering game-play quality of the highest standard, and no add-ons are required on their website for ease of use and navigation. This is great news for new players and visitors who only occasionally browse online but love to play games. In the unlikely event something pops up, you can rest assured that they will get it fixed immediately. There has been no negative feedback or complaints so far when it comes to software maintenance, navigation, or website design. The website, software, and mobile app are up to date and constantly updated to ensure a secure and pleasant environment for everyone who is up for a game.

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Foxy Bingo Review

foxy bingo review

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Foxy Bingo is a licensed gaming provider that offers unique games, huge welcome bonuses, special amenities, and plenty more for players to enjoy. There are special add-ons and features such as free spins, a 500 percent welcome bonus, generous bonuses on third and second deposits, and free access to games available to new customers.

If you make a deposit and are a new player, you will get between £50 and £150 for depositing £10 – £30. You can deposit a smaller amount, i.e. £5, but you won’t be entitled to receive a bonus. There is a 100 percent bonus on the third deposit and 200 percent on the second or £100 in total. This makes up to £350 in total in bonuses for new members to play and learn the rules of the game. There are even more benefits for new players, one being exclusive access to the Newbie Room. Players are offered free access after making their first deposit. A total of £500 in cash prizes is offered to players to share and win. You can access the Newbie room from the Specials tab to play free bingo from 8pm to 12pm every 15 minutes. Players have the chance to win various cash prizes starting at £5. Prizes range from £5 to £20.

Foxy Bingo is 2015 Award Winner

Foxy Bingo is a true TV star now that has been voted as number one for having the best TV ad for 2015. The Non-Stop Fun campaign, coupled with the Get Happy soundtrack was to help Foxy become an award winner.

Other Promos and Deals by Foxy Bingo

foxy bingo promotions

There is plenty on offer, regardless of whether you are a pro, loyal customer, or new to gaming. Reload bonuses are also available, and you will get a 50 percent bonus on every reload. Check the Everyone’s a Winner promotion offered on a regular basis to play and win prizes, bonuses, and cash. Since early 2012, Foxy Bingo also offers free bingo games to new and regular players. Visitors have the opportunity to win £100,000 in total or £300,000 for 3 bingo games. Foxy takes pride in offering huge cash prizes that not every provider could afford.

  • Players also benefit from guaranteed jackpots and have the chance to play for £160,000 in 90 and 75 ball bingo rooms. Games are played every 5 and 10 minutes every week from 8am to 1am, and tickets are pretty cheap, starting at just 5p up to £250.
  • Guaranteed Jackpots – Every week £160,000 is given away in special 75 and 90 ball bingo rooms. With games starting every 5 and 10 minutes from 8am to 1am, there are dozens of chances to win big. Tickets start at 5p and prizes climb to £250.

Games available

  • Casino games
  • Slots
  • 75 ball bingo
  • 90 ball bingo

Mobile Devices and Tablets

foxy bingo mobile app

Mobile gaming is a handy option for employees with busy schedules and frequent travelers. Players are free to download the mobile version of the website from the App Store. It is also compatible with mobile devices. You can also use the app on your Blackberry, Windows, Android, or iPhone device. The mobile site allows users to play slots and bingo, join different games, buy tickets, and register, all this through their mobile browser. The new and enhanced app is compatible with iPad and iPhone devices and allows users to play instant games with a great new feel and look. You will find an array of great games in the App Store.

The user-friendly layout allows you to browse through different bingo rooms to find and play your favorite games. Slot games are also offered and are easy to find in handy game categories. The best part is that you are free to play top slot and 90 and 75 ball games for great giveaways and exclusive cash prizes, and all this from your mobile.

Wagering and Withdrawals

You are free to make up to 10 withdrawals a day.

  • Wagering requirement: x4
  • Processing time: takes up to 7 days
  • Minimum withdrawal: £30

The amount of the deposit will be used to determine the wagering requirement and is valid for bingo games only. The amount varies by game, and you may lose any bonus funds if you make an early withdrawal. You must make a deposit to be allowed to withdraw cash awards.

Support and Further Assistance

  • Help and support
  • E-mail:
  • Tel: 0800 279 4501


With its own radio and TV shows and magazine, Foxy Bingo has plenty to offer when it comes to entertainment for your leisure time. What is more, you will be glad to find a friendly online community of players to get the most out of your leisure time. Entertainment and online and mobile gaming go hand in hand, and Foxy Bingo combines them perfectly well for a unique bingo experience. On top of this, the site features advanced software that is simple to use and comes with an array of handy features. Their bingo platform is up to date and advanced and has a good reputation for reliability, safety, and security for your peace of mind. You don’t need to worry about security issues – your personal information is safe with them. Last but not least, Foxy Bingo advertises a simple registration process where all you have to do is provide details such as your country of residence, email, gender, date of birth, address and phone number, etc. It takes just minutes to register and start playing. Once you register, you are free to check any promos, loyalty programs, games, tournaments, add-ons, and features available and use them to your benefit.


Wink Bingo Review

Editor's choicewink bingo review

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Wink Bingo offers generous welcome bonuses to new players, including 250 percent cash matches and 350 percent welcome bonuses on the first £10 deposit. There is a promo code for an enhanced bonus.

If you deposit £10 and are a new player, you will have £60 to play. With a 250 percent cash match on a deposit of up to £100, you are entitled to get a 50 percent bonus every time you decide to reload at least £10. New players are also entitled to special free bonuses when playing Spin the Wheel. The minimum deposit is £10, and the guaranteed bonus is at least £10. This means that if you deposit £10, you will have £50 to play. There are plenty of added benefits for new players, one being access to the Newbies room. New visitors enjoy free access to try playing games from 7am to 10 pm. The best part is that no deposit is required. If you are lucky, you have the chance to win £300 in cash prizes every day during the promotional period. New players are free to visit the You’re In room for a 7-day period after registration and are entitled to receive generous cash prizes – £50 to be shared and £50 for the full house or £100 in total.

Promos and Add-Ons for Players

wink bingo peter andre charity bonuses

  • Mobile Exclusive – players gain access to a 75 ball bingo jackpot game for free on Sundays (£250). You can play from your tablet or mobile device if you are a Posh or Bingo customer. Players using mobile devices are offered 6 bingo tickets at no added cost (yes, free) on Sundays at 8pm. The prize is £250.
  • 50 percent reload bonuses available with promo codes on deposits from £10 to £100. Codes are released at the start of the month.
  • Hundreds of prizes offered (£100’s), just visit the 75 & 90 ball rooms. You will see a timetable displayed on the website or there will be a host announcement. The buy-out time is just 6 minutes.
  • Peter’s £50k Heart’s of Gold – a large amount is raised in charitable donations by Wink Bingo and Australian singer Peter Andre in memory of his brother Andrew who died from kidney cancer. Charity funds are raised in support of Cancer Research UK. Big giveaways and special games are available. Players enjoy a wide array of fantastic prizes such as large sums of money, holidays abroad, and brand new vehicles. You have the chance to win and benefit from various special promos scheduled on Wink Bingo’s promo calendar.

Games on Offer

  • Arcade games
  • Casino games
  • Scratch cards
  • Slots
  • 75 ball bingo
  • 90 ball bingo

Tablet and Mobile Gaming

wink bingo on mobile and tablet

Wink Bingo is a leading site to offer an array of fun games and a handy mobile app for your convenience. All games can be played at a time of your convenience and on the go, and you are free to download the app from the App Store. It is also compatible with Android devices such as tablets and smartphones. The app is free to download and install and simple to use. The design is fantastic and resembles that of Wink Bingo’s site. Players are free to use the app to play big money games and win huge jackpots. Casino and slot games can be played from the app as well, giving users plenty of choice. You can also use the app to play Fluffy Favourites which has gained in popularity and has a huge following already. This is a top slot game that many players enjoy. New players are also offered an enhanced bonus on registration if they sign up through the app. Depositing £10 gives you a bonus of £50 to play more.

Wagering Requirements and Withdrawals

  • Wagering requirement: 4x bonus
  • Processing time: up to a week
  • Minimum withdrawal: £10

The wagering requirement is calculated based on the amount of the first deposit. It is valid for bingo games only. Keep in mind that the requirement may vary from game to game, depending on your game of choice. Early withdrawals may result in bonus funds forfeited. Players are asked to make a deposit of £20 prior to wagers and withdrawals. You must provide a copy of your card, proof of address, and photo ID as well to make your first withdrawal.

Help and Support

  • Email:
  • Tel: 0207 572 1234
  • Live chat


As a premium UK gaming site, Wink Bingo is one of the major players on the market and offers a great selection of prizes, cash incentives, and instant and bingo games. The wide array of added incentives, including top of the line specials, prizes, and promos makes for a superior gaming experience. Free bingo and exclusive welcome bonuses are also offered. There is a generous welcome offer, and a promo code is available. Players also benefit from progressive jackpots, specials, and plenty of extras. Free bingo is offered to both regular customers and new players for further savings. In addition to free games, there are additional benefits for new players, including no deposit games, and the chat moderator is there to assist customers to get started and learn the rules of the game. Special chat games are available as well, and players are offered the opportunity to win extra prizes. The website also features a great loyalty program that allows players to collect complimentary bonus points and play even more.


Gala Bingo Review

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Players who join Gala Bingo are offered lucrative £30 bonuses for free for buying £5 tickets to spend on bingo games. You make a £5 deposit and have £35 to explore different games and play, which is a 600 percent bonus you should not miss!

Newbies Room – Like other gaming sites of this caliber, Gala Bingo features a Newbies Room for new players to try different games for 7 days from the date of registration. You are free to access the site during the promo period from 6pm to 8pm and from 12pm to 2pm and play 12 games per hour. Players are offered £25 bonus pots and have the chance to win £8,000 in cash prizes. Gala Bingo also offers access to the Allsorts Room and extra £2,500 in cash incentives for players to take advantage of. New members have the chance to win prizes worth £2,500 during the first 7 days after signing up.

Gala Bingo is 2015 Award Winner

With plenty of new features and add-ons and many new games released over the last 12 months, Gala Bingo now boosts 2 our Awards:

Other Promos and Add-Ons

gala bingo promotions


  • There are plenty of added incentives and promos for players to enjoy, one being the Phoenix Room Mobile only giveaway offering £1,000 in cash prizes for playing games on your tablet or mobile device. Use your mobile to access Gala Bingo on 10th August (Monday) and play 12 games in total. Visit the Phoenix room to play from 7pm to 8pm, 4pm to 5pm, and 12 to 1pm. Prizes offered – 1 line – £5, 2 lines – £10, Full House – £15.
  • Gala also offers free bingo and the chance to win bigger cash prizes by upgrading to Superbooks. Players enjoy regular features such as Bingo Linx, Last Chance Saloon, 1tg games as well as special features such as Super Spotlight jackpots, High 5 jackpots, Cash Climber Jackpots, and Windicates. In fact, Gala Bingo offers more opportunities to play and win than other UK sites.
  • Monday Mayhem – as part of Gala’s loyalty scheme, players are offered up to £10 or 10 percent cash back every week on Monday. The minimum amount to spend is £5 to get cash back on losses. You will have access to cash incentives of this type every day. There is a great VIP scheme for regular visitors to attract loyal players. Gala also features attractive offers, specials, and services for VIP players.

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Games on Offer

  • Lotto
  • Sports betting
  • Casino
  • Slots
  • Bingo lotto for mobile devices
  • Gala Live
  • 50 ball bingo
  • 80 ball bingo
  • 75 ball bingo
  • 90 ball bingo

The regular features of Virtue Fusion bingo such as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Bingo, Lucky Numbers Bingo, and Deal or No Deal are offered as well as the new Rainbow Riches Bingo. You can also try Gala Bingo for more fun and enjoyment. Special star guests are invited and live broadcasting is available for enhanced online experience. Bingo Lotto is only offered by Gala Bingo and can be played on mobile devices only.

Best Mobile Bingo Experience

gala bingo mobile app

Gala Bingo features mobile gaming for players to access games from everywhere at any time and have quality time playing.

Best Unique Bingo Game – Gala Bingo features a 50 ball game for plenty of fun and entertainment. Coconut Island offers players dessert island experience and features 2 lines of 5 and 10 numbers on each card. You have the chance to win the full house and a cash prize for 1 line, as well as a progressive bonus as an added incentive if you manage to complete the house in no more than fifteen numbers. If you have 18 numbers, there is a fixed prize of £100.

Mobile Devices and Tablets

You can access a wide selection of games and bingo from most mobile devices. Just download a bingo app and start playing for great prizes and jackpots. You will find plenty of tablet and mobile offerings that can be accessed by using your regular online account and login details. You can play on your mobile device, tablet, or online and use the mobile app to buy tickets and join the big games. Players enjoy great functionality and advanced features such as horizontal game scrolling for convenient, easy, and quick browsing and easy access to their personal information and account. The mobile app also comes complete with a game finder filter so that players find recently played games, which is a great tool for quick access. The auto-complete search box is also a great feature that follows you as you type and knows the types of games you want to find. In addition to great incentives for players, from loyalty points to easily redeemable bonuses, there is a fully integrated chat feature so that you can chat with other players and friends. The 24/7 Live Chat functionality feature comes with a mobile chat client for your convenience. A self-help guide and gaming tools are also available. What is more, you are free to choose from over 150 slots and games to play from your mobile device.

Play now on your mobile or tablet

Withdrawal Requirements and Wagering

  • Wagering: 2x bonus
  • Processing: between 3 – 5 business days
  • Minimum withdrawal: £5

The first deposit you make determines the wagering requirement, which also varies from one game to another.

Assistance and Support

  • Email:
  • Tel: 0800 294 7 294
  • Live chat

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